Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who ARE these people?!?

Aloha!  I'm Chris, the manager of the UH Bookstore Computer Department, and shown is 2/3 of my crack staff, including (from left to right):

* Nico Sipin - senior, business major.  Past-times include scavenging parts from dead macs in a continuing attempt to build the ultimate franken-computer.  Habitually gets his bike stolen.  If you have a spare, let him know!
* Mariann Major - senior, psychology major.  Our department color.  Currently pursuing her ambition to form our staff into America's Next Great Dance Troupe.  She's, uh, got a loooooong way to go.
* Jeff Racca - junior, business major.  Currently eagerly awaiting his 21st birthday later this month.  Always on the look-out for a hat that fits.
* Altair Kaneshiro - our service technician (a.k.a. the resident know-it-all).  You think he's got an unusual name?  You should meet his twin brother, Antares.
* Roland Co (not pictured) - assistant manager.  The serious one of the crew.  While at work, anyway.  But we suspect there's more to the story, on First Fridays, at least...
* Chris Akins (not pictured) - manager.  My picture may not be up there, but you'll know me when you see me.  I'm tall.  I have glasses and freckles.  And I'm a natural blonde.  That's my excuse.

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