Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The UH Bookstore will be having a tent sale on Friday, 2/20/09. Check out our AMAZING deals:

For sale under the tent from 9am to 1pm only:

HP F4280 All-In-One Printers - ONLY $30

8GB 4th generation iPod nanos - ONLY $140

16GB 4th generation iPod nanos - ONLY $190

Inside the store, all day long:

Take an extra $100 off our already low prices on ALL Apple laptops and iMacs!

Save up to 57% on selected Mac-compatible RAM

All sale prices are limited to stock on hand.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This just in!

A few new products have arrived! We now have:

Speck cases for the new aluminum unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros. You know, those plastic ones that make your computer look like a great big Jolly Rancher? Yeah, those ones. We also have skins for 4th gen nanos and 2nd gen touches from Speck, as well.
Laptop alarms from Belkin. These are great for those of you who have MacBook Airs, some of the new Netbooks, and other laptops that don't have slots that allow you secure them with a standard cable lock. These connect to your USB port and if removed lets out a very obnoxious squeal if removed. Come in if you want a demonstration - my kids are having a lot of fun with it!
Handplants from Isis Dei. These are skins for MacBooks and MacBook Pros (not the unibodies, sorry - those aren't out yet) that'll keep that place where you rest your wrists from getting all grubby looking. But I do NOT recommend using them to assist you in doing handstands on your laptop, like the photo on the package shows (where do they find these people?).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Liquid Submersion Indicators

Following is the text of an e-mail I just got from Altair, our tech:

There are new guidelines that I must now follow regarding Liquid Submersion Indicators that Apple has just recently started placing on all portables (MacBooks/MacBook Pros/Airs). Computers that are damaged by liquid are NOT covered by the 1-year limited warranty and AppleCare. According to Apple, these indicators are "very accurate" and "will not be affected by humidity or environmental factors," so customers should not have to worry about false readings.

When a customer drops off a computer for repair, please let them know that a diagnostic charge will be assessed if liquid damage is found, whether or not their computer is covered under warranty. Getting to these indicators is NOT easy, in most cases -- around 2 hours total to take apart the computer, just to check if there is liquid damage. Please call me if you, or any customers, have questions regarding these additional procedures.

Questions, comments and concerns can be directed to Altair at 956-3881.

In other news:
Altec-Lancing BackBeat headphones - in stock now and they sound AWESOME (trust me, I bought a pair).
Blue Microphones are in - we've got the Snowball and Snowflake models, as well as the Eyeball webcam + mic, and our prices are VERY competitive.
The Bookstore is having a tent sale on February 20. I won't say just yet what the deals are gonna be, but they'll be slick!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm famous!

You'll never guess who just sent me e-mail. Go on, guess.

The president of Celly Smellys! She reads this blog!

I am on my way to the big time, y'all! But don't worry. I'll try real hard not to let it go to my head. Get your autographs while they're still free!

ALSO Wacom's offering $30 rebates on 6X8 Wacom tablets. First time in the 3 1/2 years I've been doing this that I've seen them offer anything like that, so if you've been on the fence, get off it and get your tablet.

And then you can make it smell like berries with your Celly Smellys ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, my spoiled brat of a kid got a Wii for Christmas. Plus the extra controllers, nunchuks, and Wii Fit and Balance board. And boy do I feel silly now - because if I'd had all that stuff in stock here at the Bookstore I could have bought it from myself for a lot less!

But don't make the mistake I made and buy elsewhere - we've got Wiis in stock now! We've got games and accessories and dance pads and yoga mats and more on the way. We HOPE to get some balance boards even next week. More will be coming in continuously, so keep checking!

Now, I come from the PacMan/Donkey Kong generation, so I need a little help choosing the right assortment of games. Right now I have the kids on my staff advising me. I am TOTALLY open to suggestions, so please leave a comment or e-mail me.

Incidentally, all our stuff is competitively priced AND tax free, so don't buy anywhere else (like dummy me) or you'll pay too much!

We've also got DS's and PSP's. We're bringing in some Blue microphones, webcams and iPod recorders for you audiophiles. And you can keep it all clean with - drum roll, please - Celly Smellys! Celly Smellys are scented, pre-moistened cleaning wipes for for cell phones and personal electronics. And take it from me, as I type this on my Pina Colada scented MacBook, they work great!

Oh! And we've got HP F4280 All-In-One printers available for $49.95. Get 'em while they last!

3rd Gen iPod nano prices have fallen $40 to $109 for the 8GB, and 1st Gen iPod touch prices are down $50 to $159 for the 8GB, $199 for the 16GB and $329 for the 32GB. Quantities are limited!