Thursday, July 31, 2008

Glad to be back?

As I'm SURE you all noticed, I was out on vacation for about a week and a half. As I had to repeatedly tell Nico, no, I didn't go anywhere, just stayed home and watched the Coppertop, who, incidentally, celebrated his 8th birthday and now officially ranks as the world's most spoiled child. His haul included a Rock Band rig, because I was tired of having to go to Best Buy every Saturday with the kid and wait in line to play it. So I am now officially a total diva and can sincerely say I ROCK.

Okay, so, work-related stuff...

Free printers are running low. Get yours while you can!

We've had about 25-30 of the $100 Apple Care coupons come back, so don't wait too long - they'll probably be done by the start of school.

We're on the verge of losing Mariann and Nico in a month, so we're advertising for 2 student positions now. Computer experience is NOT necessary. That's why we keep Altair on had. You'll learn, trust me. We DO need someone who's personable, intelligent, and hopefully, cool. Interested parties should look us up on the SECE website.

We're havin' a party! Whoo-hoo! Save the date - October 15th we'll be hosting a tech fair in the campus center building. There will be sales and demos and worskhops and games with prizes. Good prizes. I'm talking big stuff, stuff you want. Be there...

Okay, the valerian's kicking in so I gotta sign off. And if any of y'all wanna see a particular demo or workshop or have game ideas for the tech fair, LMK via e-mail or comments here. There MAY be some material incentive if you're idea's good, k? ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Print this out!


Cool new deal. The next 100 customers to purchase a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro can click, print and present this coupon to receive $100 off the purchase of Apple Care. This offer is good for personal, individual purchases (sorry departments!) only and applies only to in-stock, standard-config machines ONLY. Questions? Call 956-4301!

Friday, July 4, 2008

We're "special" in Honolulu!

As those of you who have bothered to read my profile already know, one of my all-time-favorite movies is Blazing Saddles. Those who've seen the movie will understand why the photo shown above is the result of me kneeling in the middle of the produce section at a certain local grocery store, laughing my @$$ off, while my husband whispered loudly in my ear to "get up, everyone's staring at you".

The rest of you need to go out and buy yourselves a sense of humor. Or rent the movie. Whatever.

So, I'm back from Maui. The store is looking great! A few issues: because the contractor was behind schedule (of course!), they hadn't finnished pulling cable for the data jacks. So I was unable to set up the nice little network I'd planned on. If you're an MCC student and wanna use a computer there, the only way to do it is by hopping on the UH network. If you're not sure how to access it, ask for AJ there at the store. He knows EVERYTHING.

Also, we were unable to locate some hard drives and ethernet cables we'd sent down from Manoa, and not all the Adobe software had arrived. Oh. And my nails look like crap now. One of them cracked horizontally across the friggin' middle and is bloody.


On the upshot, got to see Jeff.

He showed up, willing to help, but we didn't have much for him to do until Thursday, and by then he was due at Genki Sushi for a shift. But he and I got to share some nachos and a drink, so it's all good.

Spent my evenings watching movies I'd downloaded of iTunes, and remembering why I forgot "The Mummy Returns": it sucks!

And now I'm set to wait until nightfall. I have my stash of fireworks and rum - nuthin' says "Independence" quite like drinkin' and blowin' stuff up. The way the Founders intended.

Yeehaw. See you on Monday.