Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adobe Creative Suite 4

Big announcement today. If you are in the market for Adobe software, PLEASE READ.

Today, Sept. 23rd, Adobe announced the release of their CS4 software.

We will not have this product in-stock before early to mid November, as the tentative first shipment from Adobe to our distributors is slated for October 29th. That's for the regular retail product; it'll be a few weeks later for student licensing.

But it is still a great time to buy and here's why. First, there are some anticipated price changes for the CS4 products. Some prices will remain the same, but others will rise between $50 and $100 each. Specific information has not yet been made available to me yet as to which titles, specifically, will experience price changes.

Second, if you purchase CS3.3 between now and December 22, you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to to CS4, by following these instructions:

Technology Guarantee (Grandfather) Information:
Eligibility Period: September 23 – December 22, 2008
End of Claims: January 6, 2009
· Shrink/Box/Student license customers must contact Adobe Customer Service (800-833-6687) directly to claim their post-announce upgrade. They will need to supply the following:
Dated proof of purchase from an Adobe Authorized Reseller
Product Serial Number
Product, language and platform
Name and physical shipping address
Daytime phone number and email address

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Your very own bailout...

Wow. I'm mad as...heck...

I tried to write a blog post last week. But I couldn't publish it. Was too angry.

My point was that prices are going up. And it ain't right. And it ain't fair. But that's the situation. It'll be toner cartridges and headphones in the short term. More to come, I'm sure.

And I HATE raising prices. Why? Because I love you guys. I really do. I firmly believe and try to instill in everyone I hire that we work here for the sole purpose to support and enhance the academic experience of the students of the University of Hawaii. And I know how broke college kids are (it wasn't THAT long ago I was one of you), and I know departments are strapped for cash. And the price of everything you need to keep body and soul together is high and going higher.

So I HATE raising my prices and making you feel any more squeezed than you already are. But what makes me EVEN angrier is the government handing out BILLIONS - even a HALF-TRILLION just this week - to bail out the lying, cheating, stealing bankers and pin-striped bandits on Wall Street while you people get the shaft.

So, I'm very HAPPY to give you - my lovely, wonderful, loyal customers - a bailout of your very own. You want cheap iPods? How's $49 for a 4GB 2nd gen nano, $79 for an 8GB nano or $129 for an 80GB 5G iPod sound? Cheap computers? How about we take $100 bucks off your MacBooks, $150 off iMacs and $200 off MacBook Pros?

Cheap not good enough for you? How about FREE?

October 15th we're gonna host the first of what I hope becomes an annual tech fair here at Manoa. Apple, Dell and Sony are gonna offer up FREE laptops as prizes. Also plenty of free prizes from Logitech, Adobe, Case Logic, Belkin, MobileEdge, Speck, and more.

Lots more.

Thanks to Joe from D&H Distributing for helping make this happen. He's AWESOME, and he's coming all the way from PA because I told him how cool you all are, and I hope you all get to meet and share some aloha with him. Come to Campus Center from 10-2 on the 15th. Challenge our Dell rep on Guitar Hero. Show some Sony love. Test your Apple smarts. Get free stuff and have fun.

Save the date - see you there!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Like reading Life Magazine

For those of you who prefer to look at all the pretty pictures rather than reading too many big words, we have a Life Magazine style blog entry this week.

Jeff, Altair and Mariann, as we waited for Nico to show up for lunch at Bubba's. He was roughly an hour late at this point. Which, as you can see, just THRILLED Altair.

Altair and Jeff with the newest addition to our zoo...er...sales staff, Kelli! Hooray - finally a little class around this place!

Jason, the Manager-in-Training over at HCC. That's Kepano, our Apple Dude, in the background. Seems Jason got the wrist injury in a Judo match. We'd tell you how the match turned out, but they haven't yet finished contacting his opponent's next of kin.

We're giving away REALLY cool stuff for the HCC Tech Fair. So cool, in fact, that this particular young lady is trying VERY hard to win (much to the embarrassment of her out-of-the-shot boyfriend).

Our unsung heros, Shipping and Receiving, plus a Friend of the Department, from left to right: Lloyd, receiving; Kenji, shopkeeper; Debbie, clothing buyer; Kevin, shipping; Reynold, warehouse