Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Okay, we've blown through two batches of toffee and the fudge I brought in yesterday lasted about an hour (Kelli...). But I've got Christmas cut-outs this morning, so come and get 'em before Jeff needs his sugar fix.

Other sweetness -
Our Nintendo DS price is the best in town. $135 - but tax free! Better than the $129.99 plus tax Best Buy charges (do the math, it works!).
All new generation MacBooks and MacBook Pros are $50 below the ACADEMIC price.
We've got some cool music keyboards in stock, one on display, and rumor has it 'Tair took 12 years of lessons, so I'm sure he'll play a few Christmas tunes for us.
My USB beverage coolers are in stock now. :)
We've got PSPs and Wiis on the way. Again, super cool deals, y'all. Check back here for availability.

K. Coffee time for me. Laters!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

OMG! He won a MACBOOK!

Congratulations, Eric!

Kelli rockin' the crowd!

Our Bouncer!

Racquel doing crowd control.

Are you intimidated yet?

iPod Touch Winner!

Hooray for Joel, the winner of the iPod touch! This guy made so much noise the whole campus heard!

It's busy around here - reeeeeeal busy!

Santa and her elves!

iPod Classic Winner

Congratulations to Stephen, the winner of our iPod Classic!

BTW, the locusts have now polished off the last of the Herseys Miniatures I brought in and we're down to just a few little candy canes. Get 'em while the gettings good!

Nano winner!

Congratulations to Katie, the winner of our iPod nano!

And sorry, toffee's gone for today. I got a few more pans at home, so come back tomorrow for a taste ;)

Game on!

We're here, we're having fun and we're giving away the store! Here's me as Mrs. Claus. My homemade toffee's going fast, so get here fast for yours!

Congrats to Audrey, the winner of our first drawing of the day, a 2GB iPod shuffle!

Reindeer #1 - Jeff the Surly reindeer

Reindeer #2 - Glenn, my general manager. He's Rudolph because he's our leader!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka!

Long time, no blog!

Shortly after my last entry I had to fly back to the mainland unexpectedly. :( And so since then I've been playing catch-up. Anyhow, I'm back, firing on all cylinders (well, as close to it as a goof like me can get), and gearing up for Christmas.

So here's the deal: November 20th, 2008. FREE iPODS and a MACBOOK. FREE. NO CATCH. Okay, one little catch. You gotta be here to win.

It's gonna happen like this:

* Extended hours, open 8am-6pm. $5 t-shirts and hats and cheap cookbooks, etc. After 4pm, everything in the store will be an extra 10% off (with a few exceptions)
* Starting at 9:00am, we're gonna give away stuff every 2 hours. First a shuffle, then a nano, then a classic, then a touch, until finally, at 5:00pm (drum-roll please.....) we're giving away a MacBook. Whoo-hoo!
* You GOTTA BE HERE to win. if we call your name and you ain't here, we're movin' on to the next name!

So it should be awesome. I'll have homemade candy and cookies on hand. My trial batch of toffee has gotten rave reviews. And I got a cute Mrs. Claus costume coming and a special dispensation from the boss to ditch my uniform for the occasion to wear it. And 'Tair and the kids will all have Santa hats, so come for some cool deals, sweet treats, and a photo with the gang.

I thought about getting Roland a Grinch costume, but I don't think I'd be able to wrestle him into it. Oh well.

As for cool things for Christmas, I'm bringing in a few PSPs, Nintodo DSs and even a couple of Wii's. And yes, my prices will be very competitive - AND tax-free. We've got some sweet cameras, digital picture frames, some musical instruments, and awesome audio coming in, too. OMG, we even found this "USB Beverage Chiller" - it's like a coaster that you plug it into your computer and it'll keep your adult-type beverage cool and frosty while you surf. Just ordered it all, so crossing my fingers and hoping to have it for the 20th. Otherwise, just keep coming back throughout the season, we'll have plenty of neat stuff.