Friday, September 11, 2009

iPod Blowout!




We're clearing out our discontinued iPods at ridiculous prices - from $279 for a 32GB second gen touch to only $29 (!!!) for a 1GB shuffle!

While supplies last, natch. Don't be the last to get yours at a KILLER price.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Snowing at the Bookstore!

A warm Bookstore aloha and welcome back to all our dear customers!

After a quiet summer we're sure hopping these days. Most of you students have already been in the Bookstore to purchase your required texts, but we've got a great reason for you to come back in now. Not only are the lines much, much smaller now, we've got a few killer deals still going on:

* Apple's still offering a free (after rebate) 8GB iPod touch with the purchase of any computer (except the MacMini). But don't wait much longer if you haven't gotten in on this - the deal ends NEXT WEEK on September 8, 2009
* Snow Leopard is in stock NOW! We've got it on the shelves for $30.49 (effectively $29 plus tax). A fairly quick and easy upgrade, not gonna make your Mac look much different, but has some real nice tweaks and will definitely improve your computer's performance.
* 20% off flash drives, USB cables and ethernet cables, 10% off ink and printers now until THIS SATURDAY only!
* Microsoft Office 2007 Pro (for Windows) regularly $199, on sale now for $89! This offer is valid until 9/19/09.

Few cool new additions to our product offerings: Acer Netbooks for $349, Acer and Dell laptops and some Dell desktops at great prices; slick-looking Sumo laptop sleeves, iHome portable speakers, and a great selection of webcams and chat headsets.

And on that note, for you our loyal readers, here's a cryptic little heads-up about the new sale starting on the 8th - the theme will be "Keep in Touch". Check back Tuesday for more details!