Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Okay, we've blown through two batches of toffee and the fudge I brought in yesterday lasted about an hour (Kelli...). But I've got Christmas cut-outs this morning, so come and get 'em before Jeff needs his sugar fix.

Other sweetness -
Our Nintendo DS price is the best in town. $135 - but tax free! Better than the $129.99 plus tax Best Buy charges (do the math, it works!).
All new generation MacBooks and MacBook Pros are $50 below the ACADEMIC price.
We've got some cool music keyboards in stock, one on display, and rumor has it 'Tair took 12 years of lessons, so I'm sure he'll play a few Christmas tunes for us.
My USB beverage coolers are in stock now. :)
We've got PSPs and Wiis on the way. Again, super cool deals, y'all. Check back here for availability.

K. Coffee time for me. Laters!

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