Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Like reading Life Magazine

For those of you who prefer to look at all the pretty pictures rather than reading too many big words, we have a Life Magazine style blog entry this week.

Jeff, Altair and Mariann, as we waited for Nico to show up for lunch at Bubba's. He was roughly an hour late at this point. Which, as you can see, just THRILLED Altair.

Altair and Jeff with the newest addition to our zoo...er...sales staff, Kelli! Hooray - finally a little class around this place!

Jason, the Manager-in-Training over at HCC. That's Kepano, our Apple Dude, in the background. Seems Jason got the wrist injury in a Judo match. We'd tell you how the match turned out, but they haven't yet finished contacting his opponent's next of kin.

We're giving away REALLY cool stuff for the HCC Tech Fair. So cool, in fact, that this particular young lady is trying VERY hard to win (much to the embarrassment of her out-of-the-shot boyfriend).

Our unsung heros, Shipping and Receiving, plus a Friend of the Department, from left to right: Lloyd, receiving; Kenji, shopkeeper; Debbie, clothing buyer; Kevin, shipping; Reynold, warehouse

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