Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Running on empty

Hey, bargain hunters - we're running low on clearance MacBooks, but here's a secret - on those MB061LL/B and MB063LL/B models, we're DOWN, but NOT OUT!

No, I'm not lying on my website - I just post up there our inventory at Manoa only. We do have a few of those machines left (and I mean, very few) at UH Hilo, and Windward and Maui CC's, which we'll be happy to recall back here if you ask us extra-special nice-like.

Also...iSkin sale starts today, Shoreline sale ends on Saturday.

And in other news - Hawaii Foodbank is running their annual Food Drive through the end of this month. I hear donations are way down this year - as they are across the country. Times are hard, what with the Fed blowing up the dollar and this ridiculous ethanol initiative that takes food and puts it in gas tanks (all for neutral to negative energy production - that means it takes as much energy or more to produce ethanol than we get out of it!) that's sending food prices sky-high. But I know that all of us who are gainfully employed have something to share, you know? Me, here's my stategy - I'm going to empty out my pantry, check the expiration dates, and all those cans of Spam, Beefaroni, sardines (:p yuck, but my husband eats them) and Chunky Soup that I can't seriously picture myself eating before the year's out are getting donated. Wish me luck - it's going to be a big job; my pantry's so stuffed we're ready for Armageddon and beyond!

If you'd like to donate but don't know where to drop off, bring it to our counter. We have a bin in the back for employee donations and we're happy to chip in yours, too.

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