Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the road again...

For those of you who don't already know, I'm a bit of a tree-hugger. So much so that I refused to buy a car for nearly 3 years. But recently we found a car that NOT ONLY gets better milage than a Prius, but can be run totally off a sustainable, renewable, locally produced fuel source. I'm talking about my super-cute new VW Jetta TDI, baby!

It's a diesel, get it? And we pump only locally produced Pacific Biodiesel fuel in it, which is made from recovered restaurant cooking oil waste. Neat!

And NO, my car does NOT smell like I have french fries or Chinese take-out in the tailpipe, nor do I have "every dog in the neighborhood" chasing my car, as some have suggested would be the case with the biodiesel. It's just sooooo cute. And efficient.

Did I mention it's really, really cute, too?

Anyway, took it up to KCC today. Had a visit with the manager up there. Gave her a couple free samples of iFrogz Audiowrapz iPod cases I'd received. So here's the deal. They work with 3rd gen nanos. They're silicone sleeves that also have speakers built in. Neat. Named best in show at both MacWorld AND CES. So if you're looking for a 3rd gen nano anyway, go to KCC's Bookstore; they've got a couple to give away to whomever buys the next few iPods. And we might give a few away to folks who come in to say Happy Birthday to Jeff on the 28th, too.

And back to tree-hugging - those Act2 GreenSmart laptop cases go on sale TOMORROW, 20% off. Also, cheap printers still on sale until the end of the week!

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