Monday, April 28, 2008

My pain is your gain

I know you people love the price drops, but they never fail to cause me a royal pain in the rear.

I know some of y'all out there think we're getting super-secret advance-notice spy messages from Apple warning us when new product is coming, but we don't. The closest I ever get to that is when my officially-declared "Favorite Customer" (he knows who he is - I love you all, but only one of you has it in writing from me) sends me links to articles at the rumor mill sites hinting there might be something coming.

So in short, no, I don't have a Bat-phone that puts me in direct contact with Steve Jobs. I know you all think I'm that cool, and maybe I am, but there's no Bat-phone. Sorry.

So anyway, new iMacs out today. They'll be hitting the shelves next week sometime. And so I FINALLY was able to hash out with Roland new pricing and wrestle the new prices on our current remaining inventory into our whiz-bang computerized inventory system here. Whew! What a chore! Anyway, prices start at $999. See the main site for full specs and pricing.

And AppleCare is coming off sale (right now it's $20 off) on Wednesday. So if you've been on the fence, do it quick, baby!

And get down here and get your name in for Jeff's birthday drawing. Woot!

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