Monday, June 30, 2008

Like peeling a banana

It's nearly 9pm and I just got the Coppertop to sleep. But i have a perfectly good explanation for that - see, last Thursday all the Daycampers at the Nu'uanu YMCA participated in "Water Sports", which, as I understand it, is a chance for the counselors to set the ankle-biters loose in an open field and turn the hoses on them. And of course both my husband and I mistakenly thought the other had slathered him with sunblock, and as a result he he came home with a back the color of the one iPod nano Apple won't let me sell (here's a hint - it ain't the green one).

I have that mother of the year title totally locked this year!

So anyway, I let him stay up because his back was itchy and he wanted me to peel it. Yes, kiddies, this is what having children is like. But he was cool with it, downright excited even. Because no matter what Mom said, he's convinced his skin was not peeling as a result of sun damage. He thinks he's molting because his body is ready to grow much taller because that's what his teacher taught him in their chapter on lizards and she's a teacher so obviously she's much more knowledgeable about such matters than some old dummy who hawks computers for a living.

Well, one thing I DO know is how to get a deal on a computer. So I hit Apple up for some more discounting and, being that it was the end of a quarter they were willing to wheel and deal to boost their sales figures. This NEVER happens during BTS, but it did this time! Sooooo here's the deal: I will NOT be raising my prices on MacBook Pros. I'll be holding those steady at $100 off. Shucks, I may even be able to drop the prices on Apple Care or simply bundle it in for free. Haven't decided that yet, and I probably won't make up my mind until next week. You'll read it here first, whatever I decide to do.

Heck, you people will know the deal before Roland. Dude never reads my blog.

BTW, the reason why it'll take me a week to make up my mind is NOT (only) because I'm a chick; I'm actually going to Maui and will probably be too busy to crunch the numbers. We're opening up a new store there and I'm going to trick out the computer section. Don't call me, because frankly, I HATE voice mail, but if you need to reach me, I'll be trying to keep up with e-mails, or call my kids at 956-4317 and they can get a message to me on my cell.

In other news, Acrobat 9 and CS3.3 started shipping Thursday. Saw some boxes on the loading dock today - might have been it. Yippee!

Oh, and for all of you who were kind enough to wish me luck with inventory - thanks! You're awesome. It went well except for one thing - the Garden was CLOSED and so we couldn't get our traditional after-inventory nerve-calmer. Got a little tense there for a moment; Altair looked like he was gonna get the shakes. But on Mariann's advice we went over to Yogurtland instead and got high on merely sugar instead. If you've never been, you gotta try it!

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