Monday, June 16, 2008

Things to worry about on a Monday

I was just updating my FaceBook page. I have one of those dumb apps on there where you and your friends rank each other. Which is totally retarded because they'll give you random choices for a question like, "Who would you rather flirt with?" and the options are either my auntie or my friend's teenage daughter. Ummm, I'm gonna click "skip" on that one...

So anyway, I got ranked #1 among my friends as the best singer and the most organized. And that has me totally bummed. I thought these people were supposed to be my friends, but now I realize my they don't know me AT ALL. They SHOULD have voted me #1 hottest. And THEN my cousin sent me a doughnut with the Krispy Kreme app, which would be cool except she gave me a chocolate glazed one, and I HATE chocolate. Which makes me seriously question our relationship. Maybe I need to find some new friends... ;)

In other news, Altair is back from his long weekend touring breweries in the Northwest and came into work this morning sans headache, so it's all good

And speaking of it being all good, just for those of you who read this stuff (and I'm finding out that's quite an ecclectic mix of people - howzit, Violet!), while supplies last, buy a new Mac and we'll give you a free printer. No, it ain't a rebate. You just gotta ask and we'll give it to you. A Canon MP210. Because we got a lot of 'em and inventory's coming up and frankly, I don't wanna hafta count 'em. And that's the best work ethic I can manage on a Monday morning, folks. Lucky you!

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