Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've got issues

We're taking inventory this Friday, so if any y'all stop into the store and happen to see me curled up on the floor in a fetal position,, just keep going. I should be fine come Monday.

ANYWAY, a few issues I wanted to make you all aware of:

1. We got an AWESOME deal on some EOL 17" MacBook Pros - $1699 with FREE AppleCare. Thus far I'm only bringing in 10 and 3 are already spoken for. If there's sufficient demand I can maybe order some more, but you have to let me know, like, TODAY.
2. I'm running low on my current stock of MacBook Pros. When I reorder, they'll cost more. If you've been planning on getting one, do it now. They'll be going up $100 in about a week!
3. Because of inventory, we'll have to cut our sales of computers off early on Friday. If you NEED to buy a computer on Friday, please come in to do it before 2PM or call ahead and let us know so we can pull it and have it ready. Because once we start counting our storage areas, we cannot remove merchandise. Period. Monday will be back to normal.
4. Roland's back! Hooray for Roland. Everyone call and pester him (956-5089). After 3.5 weeks of vacation, he looks like he needs a little stress in his life. It's good for the soul and builds character.
5. I will be out of the office next week after Tuesday. I'll be at Maui CC to help get their new store ready to open. If you need to get a hold of me, call my staff; they've got my cell number.

Okay, I think that covers. Wish me luck with the inventory, and I'll blog you on the other side!

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