Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Under the knife

Everyone's having work done these days.

Called to my mom yesterday. Yeah, I'm a prize of a daughter. Seems she'd just gotten back from Northwestern Memorial in Chicago (I was a bit surprised - love how she keeps me informed of these things). She's getting ready for a stem cell transplant and Monday they did the harvesting. She's a former biology teacher and told me every gory detail with great enthusiasm. It was truly cringe-worthy.

Mariann's out for the rest of the week. Getting her tonsils out today. I'm sure she'll feel much better in the long-run, but can you imagine a Mariann with no voice for a few days? Poor thing must be going crazy!

And, as you can see, our department's having some work done, as well. Well, sort of. Campus Center is removing that concrete seating area that's right over our heads, so I guess they have to barricade some areas off so we don't manage to hurt ourselves. the spirit of things, I'm going to cut the price of our clearance iMacs by ANOTHER $50 on May 26th. Woo-hoo! (But don't no one tell Roland, k? I'm waiting to see how long it takes that guy to read this blog)

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