Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody...

Awwwwww....Copper Top has a touch of fever tonight and is down for the count tonight. Bummer - he has his last soccer game of the season AND his BFF's birthday party tomorrow. I promised him I'd drug him till he was high as a kite to get him to those things (attn: DCFS - by "drugs" I mean, like, Motrin and gummy bear vitamins).

Anyway, since my date for the evening is under the weather, I've got little to do but blog. Random thoughts are as follows:

* Props to SANDRA in ITS -the Adobe contract is now in place! W00t! In plain English - all the student licensing I'm out of should be back in stock in, oh, say, 2 weeks-ish.

* Roland's gone. Vietnam. 3.5 weeks. Usually he drives me up the wall. Now I'm missing him after a day an a half. Is that sick or what?

* I totally need a manicure. Seriously.

* Props to Mike at WCC and Christian at LCC - your orders made my day. And paid my bills. Rock on! Oh, and Warren and Harry - thanks for pickin' up your stuff, too!

* I NEED, as my 5th computer in my 3 member household, a 24" iMac because my prices are so awesome. All suggestions on how to convince my husband of this fact will be greatly appreciated.

* Leaving for the Mothership Sunday. Big meeting there on Tuesday. Hmmmmm...big news may be announced. Could it be Apple's Back-to-School promo? Oooooh, the mystery. Who want's a souvenir pen or key chain?


Michael said...

Christine, getting the 24" iMac for yourself so your hubby can have the free BTS 8GB iPod Touch would seem like a win-win to me!

Christine Akins said...

No, see, now I want the touch, too. Think I'd give the coolness to him? Nice idea, though. Keep 'em coming, Mike!