Monday, May 5, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

God love the lawyers...

Look, there are certain things we need to have contracts to sell. Adobe Student Licensing is one of those things. That's the software we sell for, like, pennies on the dollar. CS3 Design Premium for $299 (instead of the $3K you'd pay in the real world), for example. Now, we don't actually hash out that contract here inhouse - the University's ITS Site Licensing Office handles that.

Those are the folks who contacted me about 6 weeks ago to let me know that the new contract was in the works and was expected to be in place in "2-3 weeks". At that time I was asked if I had enough stock to get us through, and at that time I did.

But today I needed to place a re-order and found out the contract is still not in place. Seems UH and Adobe are passing it back and forth, and it will probably be at least another few weeks before that's settled and I'm able to finally place an order. Then it will be another 1-2 weeks before we get that order in.

We just ran out of CS3 Design Standard for Mac today, and we're getting low on a few others. So I'm really sorry folks, but there's just nothing I can do to get that stuff back in until the contract is in place. I'll keep y'all posted...

In happier news, we should have the new iMacs and the MB404LL/A (black) MacBooks landing tomorrow - at least so says FedEx. I SUPPOSE the delivery truck could get lost or something, but barring that we should get 'em. Please call before coming down though - bear in mind we don't know what time FedEx will drop, then we need a few hours after they do to get everything checked in and tagged. If you want a call or e-mail when they're good to go, give us a ring: 956-4317.

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