Monday, May 18, 2009

You win some, you lose some...


Following is the text of an e-mail I got this morning:
"HP announced that they have decided to cut their US printer inventory for the next quarter. This will of course squeeze the product [...] U.S. distributors can source. "
What this effectively means is that it will be difficult for us to get HP laser printers for special orders (i.e. something we don't normally carry in inventory) in a timely fashion. If you have an order you're trying to place, please call me before making out your purchase order, so we can discuss availability and perhaps other options (different models, brands, etc.). This all comes on the heals of TREMENDOUS jumps in the cost of HP toner carts. I just have to shake my head in amazement. Ya think HP might have some corporate trouble these days? Me, I sure ain't buying their stock...

On the upside, please read this e-mail:
"Great News! Celly Smellys have been swamped with calls regarding the utility of our fun, new product for protection against outbreaks like the Swine Flu.
H1N1 (Swine Flu) is a virus, not a bacteria. The CDC indicates that alcohol based cleansers are helpful in preventing the spread of the flu virus and Celly Smellys are alcohol based!
We NOW have test results for Celly Smellys antibacterial efficacy - In an Independent Laboratory study, Celly Smellys ARE antibacterial!
Of 10 cell phones swabbed including Blackberry, iphone, slider phones, flip phones and flat phones, Celly Smellys officially
removed 100% bacteria on 8 phones and >95% on the Blackberry and iphone."
W00T! So you can protect yourself from bacon fever AND make your laptop and phone smell like strawberries! Now, how awesome is that?!?

Also, in other good news, Microsoft Student Licensing is FINALLY back in stock. Hoooooooray!


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