Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tax Season!

Taxes are almost due. Many of you, my fine responsible readers, have already filed yours. Not me - I always end up owing on mine, and I refuse to e-file before 11:55pm the day they're due because I'll be I'll be d@mned if those THEIVES will get one red cent of MY money before it's due.

Hmmmmmm.....maybe I should just not pay at all. Maybe I can get a cabinet position then...

Anyway - who wants to stick it to the man with me? New deal on Apple computers and iPods - NO MORE TAX! That's right - we're not gonna pass the tax on to you for the month of April. That means you save 5% on all hardware we carry (sorry - this applies to our current inventory only and not special orders). W00T!

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