Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A big sigh of relief...

All I can say is...


Tech Fair '08 was an awesome success. Humor me now while I thank:

Joe Ruiz from D&H who flew all the way in from Pennsyl-freakin-vania, missing his own anniversary, to help us out.

Herb from Mobile Edge - of all the laptop case vendors we deal with, he was the only one who came to show his love in person.

Kepano, Christina and Grant from Apple who gave us all FREE APPLES!!!

Roy from Dell and his side-kick Zach who pulled together that COOL Guitar Hero event!

Larry, Sandra, Jody and the gang from ITS who put so much effort into their Phishing game!

Jason from Honolulu CC who dropped everything to lend a hand.

Glenn, my GM, who did so much of the grunt-work for me because I was clueless about logistics.

The entire MES crew who did the heavy lifting.

Kawika from HP for showing up at the last minute.

Donna and the gang from marketing who dropped everything to lend a hand.

My utterly amazing staff - Roland, Altair, Jeff, Kelli and Racquel, who always play along with my goofy schemes with minimal groaning.

My customers, who are so loyal, fun, and downright COOL.

Okay. I got that out of my system. Now for the news items: CS4 is starting to ship; different products are scheduled to go out on different dates over the next month. The new MacBooks are expected in a week(ish); call us at 956-4317 if you wanna get on a wait-list. I celebrated my 29th birthday yet again; Jeff thoughtfully gave me the gift of cheese. Roy-the-Dell-Boy had his 21st birthday but TOTALLY BAILED the day we were all gonna meet at the Garden to share a round. Prices on discontinued Macs are AWESOME and they're going FAST; check out our prices on Pros in particular... oh... my... goodness. You really need to check out our new line of Isis Dei laptop sleeves; interestingly enough, our biggest sellers are the ones made from hemp. And on that note, is it merely a coincidence that our most popular headphones happen to be the Skullcandy "Smokin' Buds"? Hmmmm.... And October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - we carry laptop cases, iPod cases and flash drives from brands that contribute a portion of their sales to research. And they're cuuuuuute!

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