Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

The savvy movie fan will note that the photo of Clint Eastwood shown above is technically NOT from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"; that's him as The Man With No Name from "Fist Full of Dollars". At a previous job I pursuaded the people making IDs to put that same photo on my ID in place of my lovely face. I wanted to run an experiment to see how long it took the unobservant security guards to notice the error.

One year later I quit to move here. It was never found out.

Anyway, hey, awesome news! First, the Adobe student licensing HAS SHIPPED AT LAST. Looks like it's coming via UPS ground, but we should have it in a week. After contract issue we had invoice issues and then a credit limit issue - since I ordered about $250K of the stuff. But it's all be resolved and is on it's way. Yippeeeeee!

Next, Microsoft is having pity on all you poor starving college kids, grossly underpaid staff and faculty (tell me about it!) AND underfunded departments and is going to be offering Office 2007 Pro for PC for (drum roll) $89. No, that is NOT the student license - it's the regular boxed version. Yes, it allows multiple installs! Yes, departments and non-UH academics can buy it! No, I'm not kidding!

Unfortuneately, poor widdle Mac folks, you always get the shaft. The best deal I can do for you is $20 off. Both of these sales will start Monday, the 11th and run through Sept 15th.

All iMacs are back in stock. We'd run out of 3 models while I was out, but we begged and pleaded and got them back in WITH the continued $50 discount. Boo-yah! Also, got some more MacBooks and Pros, and we'll continue to hold our present discounting throughout the BTS season.

New Sonys are on their way, including one model we're gonna start at just $689. Because yes, we are just that awesome. Look for a pricelist up on our website by next week.

Now for the bad and the ugly news (cue the violins)...prices on HP toner cartridges are starting to rise dramatically, and I now find myself having to start raising prices for the first time since I got here almost 3 years ago. Stinks, don't it? Me, I lay the blame squarely in the hands of Ben Bernanke and the Fed govenors who, by printing money out of thin air to bail out bankers are devaluing your savings and paychecks. Nice of them, eh? Reward the irresponsible with money stolen from the honest and hard-working. And if you REALLY wanna know what I think of these jerks, feel free to stop in to the store and engage me antytime. A caution - only do so if you have PLENTY OF TIME to listen to me rant.

Anyway, I promise I'll try to hold prices down as long as I can. The next shoe to fall will be us being hit with fuel surcharges on the shipping, but it hasn't hit yet.

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